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[Notice: The MindBites Website and Service, which powers this video store, will cease its operations on December 14, 2016. Further information can be found at] The Longtail Distribution Network publishes and distributes unique and More unusual video content to satisfy our customers special interests and passions. The videos we publish are only available from us or through one of our many sales channels. Videos downloaded or streamed from this site are for personal and home use only. Non-For-Profit and Educational Institutions must contact for special pricing and instructions. Our inventory is unique and very special. If you enjoy a good documentary on a topic that you are passionate about and find watching television to be an unsatisfactory experience take a look through our inventory of eclectic programs. These programs are simply not available elsewhere, but have ‘evergreen’ content of great interest to those that care about a particular topic. If you have a passionate interest in a particular topic you may find that one of our unique and eclectic programs is just what you want. You may also find DVDs or downloads can make a terrific and inexpensive gifts for someone you know who has a special interest. Educators find our collection to provide high quality and provocative stories that stimulates good classroom discussions and can reinforce and engage students on a broad range of topics. We provide excellent and rapid responses to any questions you may have. Just write to us at: Thank you for your visit. Search and enjoy.Less

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